Monday, December 12, 2011

Custers Last Stand

 The bronze busts of Custer and Sitting Bull are done at the foundry now they will be 
welded together and chased out so they can then be welded into the two fighting buffalo.

 Got to feeling a bit ambitious and started a buffalo. 
So now I have a draft horse and a buffalo started in the shop.

After several days of working on this buffalo and visiting with my coffee partner Jenny Lynn I decided to go ahead and do the two fighting bulls. Kavan and Michael Van Beak and I have talked about this summer.  Sitting bull will be in the buffalo on the left and Custer in the one on the right.  I will name this piece something like, "Custer's Last Stand".  I have started sculpting it out in clay as pictured here below. 

This is my booth at the 2013 Black Hills Stock Show in Rapid City.
 General Custer is on the left and Sitting Bull on the Right.

Detail of Warrior bronze casting to be added to THE LAST STAND.

Custer and Sitting bull will be looking at each other. The bronze busts will be inside a buffalo
 like the picture below shows sitting bull in a previous sculpture sent to New Hampshire.

Sculpting on General Custer's bust at the 2013 Black Hills Stock Show.

Sculpting on Sitting Bull's bust.