The Trail of Governors

In 2011 I started work on a The Trail of Governors project in Pierre, SD.  The T.O.G project plans on casting life-size bronzes of all the past South Dakota Governors.

Arthure C. Mellette
1st Governor of South Dakota
The viewing public shares a rare sliver in time when Arthur C. Mellette (Cal) engages in a personal thought and realization of Dakota territories vast resources and wealth. Mellette is neither a pioneer nor outdoors man however, Dakota Territory demands its residents to confront its vast unwavering landscape and elements outside of the confines of four walls.  His slightly disheveled dress is neither due to neglect nor ineptitude but the dedication and stamina of a territorial land agent crisscrossing the seemingly endless expanse of sun drenched sky and prairie.  The South Dakota landscape is demanding of its residents and requires a pioneering spirit from even the most refined statesman.  Arthur C. Mellette’s former life has been altered in this very moment.  Mellette without a doubt has become A South Dakotan. 
 (written by Kavan Donohue)

Lisa Donohue, John Lopez, Arthure C. Mellette and Kavan Donohue.

Arthur C. Mellette is the first piece bronze I completed for the T.O.G. A big thanks to Kavan for all his help on this one. Kavan and I came up with the concept and he helped with some sculpting on it in the beginning.  

         Here is Mellette installed in-front of the Hughes Countey Court House in Pierre, SD.

Governor Harvey Wollman
26th Governor of South Dakota

Some of the nicest people I have ever met are Governor Harvey Wollman and his wife Anne.  They invited me to theyre farm north of Huron to visit with Harvey get some measurements of him.  Pictured below I am putting last touches on the clay at the Black Hills Stock Show while Harvey visits with the public.


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