Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hugh Glass

I start with a small clay maquette to figure out how the design will come together.
Here is one of the first sketches of Hugh Glass being attacked by a Grizzly Bear.
I like the look of this and may go back to it.  Sculpting in front of Lisa and Kavan really
changesthings because if it looks goofy they will call it.
I changed the design and think I like it better below.  

The piece starts to change as I add a tree behind the Grizzly. 

I like how the tree helps frame out the scene. 
I am hoping to build this as a life-size scrap iron monument sometime in the near future.

It keeps changing and morphing into a better piece.  I hate to admit it but Kavan keeps
 pushing me to make the piece better or have more action and I need that push.  

Here is a drawing I did that really captures the spirit of Hugh Glass about to be mauled by a Grizzly and then kill the bear to live another day.  Now do I keep the coon hat or no hat?

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