Sunday, April 6, 2014

Black Hawk photo shoot.

Sculptor John Lopez taking a ride on Black Hawk.

Click this link to see John's official web

Sculptor John Lopez behind a single bottom plow being pulled by "Black Hawk".


  1. Great shots of your life sized sculpture!

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  2. Magnifique découverte! j'adore...

  3. These are one of the best scrap metal sculptures i have seen, glad to feature it here on Netdsot Art Blog

  4. I can't believe that someone like you is not reincarnate because you are super talented artists and godly thanks for giving this to us mia mortals god bless you and yours phillippa from England x

  5. I go by this horse in kensington nh all the time , it is beautiful! Recently we were roaming in the same area and came across the Bison! It is equally as magnificent! Beautiful exceptional work.

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